Performance Management is Like the Pinewood Derby

So, how many of you out there are a Performance Management professional, and also a Cub Scout dad? Well, that's me. And I've come to realize that Talent and Performance Management is much like a Cub Scout Pinewood Derby race.

It's all about alignment.

I've seen all kinds of Pinewood Derby cars: funny ones, high tech ones, simple ones, complex ones. Most Cub Scouts spend most of their time on how their car looks. From a physics standpoint, what really matters is that all four wheels of your car are perfectly aligned. Secondarily, each wheel must be running friction-free on it's respective axle.

How is this like Performance Management?

It doesn't matter what kind of company or organization that you are, or what industry you're in; the key factor driving success is the ability to clearly align all of your resources towards a common goal. Additionally, each resource must be able to perform "friction-free." Not only must the activities of the entire team be synchronized, but the individual activities cannot be constrained by obstacles.