Including Talent Pools in your Succession Plans

Most succession plans are based one-to-one or one-to-many relationships between an at-risk position, and its potential successors. However, this structure breaks down when there are multiple openings for a particular position. For example, a large manufacturing company may have an identical position at every one of their manufacturing facilities, for example, the Safety Officer. Traditionally, succession plans are created for each of these individual positions, usually only drawing from the local talent poll (internal, or external) for that facility.

With the new-found mobility of the work force, this may not be an effective strategy. By using a Talent Pool, you can look across your entire organization for successors. Then , poll potential successors regarding their amenability to relocation. Good performance management systems can even track an employee's geographical preferences. This approach can bring candidates into the pool that may have otherwise been overlooked using traditional succession planning methods.