Method and system for analysis of financial investment in human capital resources invention

Here is a new patent application about how to calculate ROI for Talent Management.

Abstract: A method and system for analyzing an organization's investment in human capital resources is provided to assist in improving the organization's overall financial performance. The method includes receiving inputted data retrieved from common accounting records regularly maintained in connection with operation of the organization. Further, the present invention provides a novel approach particularly relevant for precise analysis of people-intensive organizations, such as service-providing organizations. The approach involves calculation of values for newly defined HCP, ROHS and PS metrics. Aggregation of the metric values into a single index value metric facilitates benchmarking of an organization against itself and others. A report is provided that identifies factors most responsible for influencing the overall index, which assists the organization's management in determining how to implement change in the organization that will improve the metrics and thus the overall profitability of the organization.