Talent in My Hometown

This study, "The Role of Talent in the Achievement of Economic Goals within the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area," is based on input from more than 950 employees and 212 business owners and executives. The comprehensive report was undertaken to address factors that cause Columbus to attract -- as well as lose -- talent. Among the findings:

-- Columbus employers have relative difficulty recruiting, hiring and
retaining required talent. Top challenges to ensuring a pipeline of talent
are developing existing talent, leadership development and retaining
-- The three most difficult areas of expertise for Columbus employers to
obtain are sales, computer programming and engineering.
-- Only 30 percent of Columbus employers believe the region's colleges
and universities are assisting in meeting the changing skill needs of the
area's workforce.
-- According to Columbus employees, the most important factors in a
metropolitan area are safety, career and professional opportunities, and
cleanliness and attractiveness.
-- According to employees in Columbus, the city's greatest weaknesses are
its difficulty of travel, lack of professional and personal opportunity,
and the region's appearance and reputation.'

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