How Should My Company Evaluate and Select a Talent Management System…or any HR System for that Matter?


"With the multitude of platforms, vendors and system capabilities, the selection of a talent management system can be a larger and more complicated project than anticipated. There are several steps that HRchitect recommends to its clients (and that HRchitect utilizes when assisting companies in this complex and puzzling process) and we will cover these in a series of upcoming blogs.

These steps and accompanying descriptions should give you an appreciation for the potential magnitude and complexity of doing a thorough talent management system software evaluation. Certainly, in the space of a blog we won’t be able to go into complete detail for each step (nor should we give away all our best practices!)

The typical software evaluation project usually runs 3-5 months. Timeframe may be shorter for smaller employers with potentially less users, processes and complexity and possibly longer for larger employers replacing a robust legacy talent management system."

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