Informal Learning becomes Formal

Excerpt: "It's now official. After surveying our entire research membership and having more than 30 conversations with leading HR and learning leaders (including with Xerox, Accenture, British Telecom, Edward Jones, Department of Defense, and Network Appliance), I am now 100% convinced that 'informal learning' has become 'formal.' That is, if you want to build a high-impact, cost-effective, modern training organization you must 'formally adopt' informal learning.
So what does this all mean? A few statistics:
  • 78% of corporate managers believe that 'rapid rate of information change' is one of their top learning challenges (800+ HR and L&D managers surveyed in 2008).
  • 80% of all corporate learning takes place through on-the-job interactions with peers, experts, and managers (estimated data collected from over 1,100 L&D managers late in 2008).
  • Over 30% of all corporate training programs (ie. classroom or other formal programs) are not delivering any measurable value (data provided through the same survey).
  • Nearly all Millenial employees (under the age of 25) expect to find an on-demand learning portal (similar to Google and YouTube) within their employer's environment."
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