What is The Transformative Workplace?

Companies need to provide an open, trusted environment to develop, engage and inspire all the people in their people network, internal and external.  They need to change the way they work by combining the best of social and collaboration technology with modern people and management practices. They need a unified, people-centric and social platform to enable the transformative workplace.

The transformative workplace is an interactive, always on, flexible environment that enables organizations and governments to provide their entire people network: employees; customers; suppliers; partners and citizens, with the development, engagement and inspiration they need to constantly transform themselves and their organization to meet the dynamic challenges of the knowledge economy and be more competitive through better innovation, speed, agility and trust.

Legacy talent management solutions have failed to change the way work gets done in the organizations. These legacy solutions have been designed for top-down control of talent, learning and recruiting, resources and processes. They are not designed to empower frontline managers and employees to align themselves to organizational strategies, connect with the right people, information or ideas to get their job done and take charge of their own professional development.

With the right software solution, instead of HR or learning functions, pushing content and processes that may or may not be relevant, the network will automatically enable and provide access to the most relevant content experts so people can take advantage of both formal and informal resources from the entire people network to get their work done.

Instead of career paths being defined and dictated by organizations, the network will dynamically track the real career path of successful individuals throughout the people network and provide that visibility to employees and managers. Instead of once a year compliance-driven performance reviews, the network will enable managers and employees, through the people network, to engage in a continuous cycle of feedback loops and constant development activities.

Organizational silos, lack of field connection with partners and customers and the barriers of time and space are the biggest obstacles to innovation. The transformative workplace will eliminate these barriers with the most robust collaboration and social technologies available today to enable unprecedented levels of innovation and collaboration from every corner of the people network.

Still not quite getting it?  This video will lay it out for you in 3 minutes and 19 seconds: